The End of Time and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

This is an account and interpretations of my first encounters with Gang Stalkers then Locus (see Rev 9-3) as well as paranormal events and visions that I witnessed which started April 2006 and still continues to me on occasion to this day December 2011.I suggest you read the book of revelations. Then read this site carefully don't just skim it. Read it until you understand it. This end of time event is extremely complex and hard to get your head around I am still trying to make sense of all this my self and is a work in progress and I know I have not interpreted correctly my visions see post tittled "I am at a loss" however I believe I am about 80 % accurate. It can not be explained in just a few paragraphs. This site is to help you find your way back to the tree of life. It has a fresh look at the bible and covers many common misinterpretations making it less nonsensical to the modern western educated reader. If you already have studied the bible keep an open mind as this site will present you with some radical interpretations that are completely different then older common interpretations. We are much wiser now it only makes sense that our interpretations would be different.

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My Story-Gang Stalked Victim-My experience of a TI (targeted individual)(Updated Oct 31- 2011)

I worked for clearnet then after the buyout for telus although my paycheck was from tele mobile it took me a long time to figure this out they changed the name of clearnet to tele mobile this was a legal loophole to keep the union out of tele mobile and then used tele mobile as scabs and gutted the twu with them.
I knew I was being electronically stalked by my employer it took a while for me to figure out why. . They web-enable the billing system allowing management to use an off-shore call center thus busting the union. They leaked a rumor to the union players that I was the brain child behind the tactic and then watched me to identify the active union players harassed me that believed i was the bad guy I suspect these active union players were then put on a hit list and Gang Stalked not by the Locus but by the corporate beast and his atheist members I believe they targeted these unions TELUS telecommunication workers union the Bell union and Canada posts union and any union or party that took an active role in trying to harass me. They got way more then they bargained for as that's when they first observed the Locus others that seemed to be harassing me tried as they might they could not figure out who these people were other then they could find no connection to any union or player in their lists of players.
    I do believe because of my actions I thwarted the takeover of bell by TELUS although I didn’t prevent the beast from gaining control of Bell. The beast is a secret corporation on that buy up controlling interests of other corporations even competing organizations without re branding them to create the illusion of separate independent competition. However in the background all these corporations are worked together in collusion and have successfully and invisibly created a monopoly that controls all major corporations. This is the biblical “ Beast”.
     I do believe in God although in my early years I had many doubts atheism sounded very plausible and the ancient religions and the bible seemed to not make much sense with all there hypocrisies. I was blessed though God did revel himself to me once back in 1990. My stepmother was ill and in the hospital. I new she was sick but had no idea she was near death. In my mind she was a hypochondriac and she would be out in a day or so. I was lying in bed and just about to drift off and I had this vivid vision of her and she said without moving her lips “its OK” I sat up and thought to myself she just died. I thought a moment and said to myself what the then shrugged it off. The phone rang an hour later she died. I went over that event a million times trying to come up with a plausible reason for that vision. At that point in time I now have absolute knowledge that God exists. I tell people they want to believe but they did not witness it so there is always doubt. I on the other hand feel privileged. I have 0 doubts. I sometimes get into discussions with non believers and feel quite smug because I know and want to laugh at them.
      Anyways back to it. At some point they knew that they had caused me so much grief that I was loosing it in front my peers thus destroying any credibility to any one thus not believing what I witnessed.  That’s when they decided they could finish me off  and reveled to me that there electronic surveillance also included mind reading. I immediately had revelation from who I now know was from “The Great One” causing me to remember the odd suspicious behaviors of the dentists that did some dental work I attributed the odd behavior as to him purposely grinding my tooth down too far to kill the tooth thus casing the need for a root canal so he could make more money. l realize now the maneuver was to enable them an opportunity to install a mind reading transducer in my jaw.
      When I realized they had access to my thoughts I was so horrified I seriously contemplated suicide. After witnessing the behavior of the stalkers there willingness to drive someone insane I had lost all faith in humanity.  My immediate reaction to this realization was this better be the end of time because I refuse to live in a world that allows someone to steel your private thoughts. I picked up a bible and went right to the revelations. When I read revelations 9 it fit so well with what was going on my first reaction was the bastards’ gang stalkers even reprinted the bible just to terrorize me. I went to my dads place and checked his bible as I knew his was fifty years old and confirmed the new bible I read from earlier was in the same. As I was reading the revelations I started witnessing all sorts of paranormal anomalies like hearing a click in the wall and feeling a flick to your skin there were numerous others as well. I Now I know the great one does not want me to off my self. He had a plan and at that time I did not know it included me I began praying and begging for the Messiahs second coming..
  Later that day or the next I was at a local pub that I often frequented  I often frequented this Pub because I would always be vexed by a stalker of some sort. I purposely let my self be victim to these stalkers hopping t they might accidentally tip there cards and reveal some info on who or what was behind this. I was sitting at the bar looking at a TV thinking to myself that may be the "Sea of Glass intermingled with fire". All of a sudden the bar maid whom I am now convinced is the girl reference in Rev 12 she looks at me smiles and says in agreement "almost like they know what they are doing" I almost fell of my stool she could read my thoughts. I met this girl many times in the previous months and she never once vexed me or gave any indication she could read my mind like the others I new she was somehow different to the rest. I later approached and said I thought the Christ had already came and went and the world had slipped in to hell your still here this cant be hell. She quipped back of course its not heaven is only 3 feet above were I was standing realized she was not an atheist mind reader. I pondered this for many days and realized there were two groups out there that cold read minds and she was my first confirmed encounter with a locus.
  I realized I had encounter other Locus on earlier occasions at the time I assumed they were bad because they had the power to access my thoughts. Looking back I realized there intention was not so much to scare me but to just let me know they existed and what powers they possessed. They demonstrated to me since using cryptic messages not only could they here your thoughts they had access to all your senses. When they connect to your mind (remote view) they can see, here, smell, taste, and feel every thing that you sense. When I realized they could do this and at the time I did not fully understand what these creatures where naturally I was terrified. Now that I know who and what they are and that Abba-don there leader is on the good guys team I feel quit comforted by there existence. From some of my Google searches I know others have experienced them including the atheists mind reading Stazi and believed them to be aliens from outer space
   Any how back to the story regarding the Barmaid I later approached her to see if  I could get any more info from here. She would always avoid my direct questions and would either change the subject or reply with a strange cryptic response. She was also listening to my thoughts and would occasionally say a few cryptic words that I would have to ponder for a minute to get the meaning that would relate to my previous thoughts. I will give you an example I realized I had met many locus and I was pondering and also upset at why God had left me unsealed only the ungodly were unsealed she herd my thoughts from the other side of the pup she crosses the floor and approaches my table and says one word sacrificed and leave. I pondered it and realized he sacrificed me and left me to the locus. I pondered this and asked my self sacrificed for what?  Does he expect me to do something does he have a plan if so what again out of the blue the barmaid approaches the table and says to me "some times you will just know" and again walks off. I took this to mean what i also had read in the bible before "know what to say and when to say it" . I believe this means I am to behave as I would normally and only when it mattered he would use the power of the holy spirit guide me and I would simply just know the correct response or action. I since found out the hard way this doesn't mean I am infallible because if I react to a situation incorrectly that will not harm the outcome of this mission I still have to bear the consciences even if its a blunder that makes me look foolish. I can not do any thing that will hurt or damage the mission.
What does The Great One want from me? I have all these atheists’ mind readers listening including peoples high up in the chain of command listening to my thoughts at this time because this was the final link in the beasts completion of his communications world monopoly. I know they are laughing hysterically in my belief in God Now Gods showing me signs the 1990 vision gave me a faith that is unshakeable. God communicates to me just by popping a thought in my head. These Stasi like atheists of course are laughing at me because I am reading the revelations and am begging for Christ. God lets me know you got there attention there communication implants are the mark of the beast. now I realize his plan I am being used to plants seeds about the impending Apocalypse and when the time is right God will be showing them similar paranormal signs that I experienced I can almost see there laughter turns to stone as it turns to fear as they realize an inconvenient truth. They encountered the Locus and could not understand what they had found. I am now no longer the prey I am now the predator. God exists which is good news for most but it also means the ones that got the mark of the beast may be in trouble also hell exists. I got the privilege to work with God to let the powers that be know that it is the end.
The above occurred back in late 2006 to spring 2007. Shortly after the realization that the Apocalypse was imminent the once atheists Stasi went running to the ancient churches for guidance. Waiting for there was the second beast rev 13-11 and the second beast convinced them locus and Abad don and me were Satan’s forces. The first Beast who originally was loyal to Satin new this was not true and also dropped his loyalty to Satin and became loyal to the second beast The Second beast claimed to be God the omnipotent and the murders and thefts they had done were really Gods work There fear subsided since they now believed they were on the good side of God. The second beast was actually God of Earth AKA “The Chief Ruler” (see secret apocrypha of John for more info) The God of the earth AKA “The Chief Ruler”  believed he could out smart the Invisible spirit (this act is the spirit of Babylon) and the first beast conspired together and using a genetic hack that altered ones DNA the mark of the beast He told others this ointment was too seal them from the locus.
Again the Stasi stile group originally were atheists that saw the signs then they became the second group of horsemen in 9-16.
These people have been listening to me and are only now since the killing of the 2 witnesses March 08, 2011 are realizing there God is not the Omnipotent and is only  the god of this earth not all creations (Yes other realms/Universes exists) and  Abaddon and his locus whom they were capturing and murdering are actually The Great ones (God of Gods of all creations) elect and now again dread for there future.   

Beware there are a lot of ex stalkers that think they are being electronically harassed. These events visions dreams are divine in nature not man made science

Do not be fooled by demonic events masquerading as man made science

yes if you learn to listen everyone is capable of hearing I guess i was not listening so hi hit me with a sledge hammer actually I have had countless encounters with demons angels and spirits some very disturbing some with valuable information some with messages of encouragement but the encounters with the Great One were unmistakeably the most comforting. The first time I really new it was him I was sitting in the backyard at my sisters it was night so I was burning some old boards and tree branches I was sitting there trying to figure out what the foundation life was. He first approached as a voice he said I am going to reviel myself to you do not fear as my presence will likely overwhelm you he said I will touch you at that moment I felt a hand in the small of my back and the sensation was warm and very comforting I almost sure he said there you go little fella I wont hurt you. Then in the stand of trees in front of me I felt this overwhelming presence in the largest tree in the stand I was frightened but because of his hand at my back I was calm I hate this term but for a lack of a better word it was surreal. He then proceeded to explain what the foundation of life meant. The foundation of life are the first pairs of humans created. There were twelve couples the twenty four elders mentioned in the revelations are the founding couples. he then told me I was from the foundation my self. My first reaction was ya right me I am a nobody I am not going to fall for that your just trying to trap me and get me to think I am someone special better then the rest a haughty snob. He kept insisting so maybe its true I know it was him I have zero doubt why would he lie. Then it gets weirder he tells me my Father and Satan are brothers and they are the oldest of the angels as in billions of years old. He also let me know that he was very found of both of them. seems the great one is sentimental like that the longer your around the more he likes you Imagine that he loves Satan. My Dad was a foundling as a baby our last name Is Crawford the name of the street that he was found on his lineage is a mystery. Satan and my Dad have been at loggerheads with each other for eons and pretty much Satan got the raw end of the stick since My Dad was the Chief ruler Satan was always questioning him and and undermining him so my Dad turfed him out of Heaven. Read the secret book of John. I am not going to tell you why he came down in the flesh yes it was his first time in the flesh. But it was part of a real sordid plot. He goal was to destroy me for his own personal gain and to hide a real nasty thing he did to me at the beginning of Humans time to get an upper hand on the other of twelve God/Angels. One God/Angel over each tribe does the verse "the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of Earth" Sound familiar. My Dad was a great Father almost all of my live but about six months before his second death he had his first and that's when his mind connected with with his Angel memories and then I was no longer his Human son but his arch nemisis. before my Dad turned Satan was the one makeing my life miserable. he believed I was a threat and rightly so since I am going to be the one that throws him in the pit. But when my Dad turned on me vexing me with my own thoughts I had a real bad nightmare my Dad was in a coffin then all of a sudden he was pushed out and I was in the coffin then the next day he describes the dream to me anyways old Satan starts to pity me and starts to covertly help me. remember Satan hates my Dad so naturally he starts to side with me. Now hears were the Woman in rev twelve comes in she is a mind reader or a locus I have not quit figured it out yet. She was a barmaid at a local tavern she was working for Satan but was listening to me bawling my eyes out across the street in the next plaza. I was not in earshot of anyone to hear me cry but she could hear me through my thoughts. This is the jest of the story I got later she heard me cry and pitied me and Satan said to her ya go ahead he not going to last much longer he lied to his cronies and made up some lame excuse that he wanted me around as a trophy so he was not going to finish me off. A woman appeared in heaven and then the Dragon appeared in heaven this simbleises both the Woman's and Satan's redeption this ack of kindness got them added to the book of life. They saved my life I was very leary at first since Satan is supposed to be a real deciever but after a while and many revelations I am actually quite fond of him he saved my life. there was no room in heaven because Yaldibaoth did not want him there. The story gets weirder but I wont say because I do not want to get old Yaldabaoth upset because yes despite his wrong doings at the beginning of Man Life he was still my Father in this life and I loved him very much he loved me too unil he connected with his past life of the Chief ruler although he is warming up to be a good Father again.

Truth is stranger then fiction