The End of Time and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

This is an account and interpretations of my first encounters with Gang Stalkers then Locus (see Rev 9-3) as well as paranormal events and visions that I witnessed which started April 2006 and still continues to me on occasion to this day December 2011.I suggest you read the book of revelations. Then read this site carefully don't just skim it. Read it until you understand it. This end of time event is extremely complex and hard to get your head around I am still trying to make sense of all this my self and is a work in progress and I know I have not interpreted correctly my visions see post tittled "I am at a loss" however I believe I am about 80 % accurate. It can not be explained in just a few paragraphs. This site is to help you find your way back to the tree of life. It has a fresh look at the bible and covers many common misinterpretations making it less nonsensical to the modern western educated reader. If you already have studied the bible keep an open mind as this site will present you with some radical interpretations that are completely different then older common interpretations. We are much wiser now it only makes sense that our interpretations would be different.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Wow I just did a search on DNA and the mark of the beast and was quit amazed at the number of hits I got. I did this same search three years ago and did not get one hit. man some of the sites are very well written and flashy looking. makes my site look pathetic. I suppose I could make more of an effort and make it more flashy go back and fix the conflicts that now exist. But if I do that I risk the chance that it may make the site seem less honest. this site is an honest testimonial of what I saw coupled with my interpretation of what I saw. You tell me did I interpret what I saw correctly or am I just insane. How does what I observed coral-ate with observations you have made?
 I believe have unsealed the meaning of the revelations the twelve tribes the twelve tribe God/angels. Nothing else fits the symbolic meanings of the new heaven.

read Iaah 53 again I am not pretty however I cane see why you doubt me. However I know my diagnostic skills I employ to get to the truth are second to none. I think the wiser ones are starting to see the picture I am drawing that's why they keep coming back.

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