The End of Time and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

This is an account and interpretations of my first encounters with Gang Stalkers then Locus (see Rev 9-3) as well as paranormal events and visions that I witnessed which started April 2006 and still continues to me on occasion to this day December 2011.I suggest you read the book of revelations. Then read this site carefully don't just skim it. Read it until you understand it. This end of time event is extremely complex and hard to get your head around I am still trying to make sense of all this my self and is a work in progress and I know I have not interpreted correctly my visions see post tittled "I am at a loss" however I believe I am about 80 % accurate. It can not be explained in just a few paragraphs. This site is to help you find your way back to the tree of life. It has a fresh look at the bible and covers many common misinterpretations making it less nonsensical to the modern western educated reader. If you already have studied the bible keep an open mind as this site will present you with some radical interpretations that are completely different then older common interpretations. We are much wiser now it only makes sense that our interpretations would be different.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

New World Order

The atheist evil “powers that be” succeed in creating a new world order by trickery extortion and fraud they use an anti Christ thinking thy can fool believers that he is Christ. These "powers that be" are atheist and think they can use technology to mimic miracles and leverage religion to aid their cause they themselves do not believe they just figure using a fake puppet Christ is a convenient way to con the masses.
       The powers focus there attention on a Gang Stalking victim during a critical operation this victim happens to be the reincarnate of Jesus and he simply informs the powers that be that this is the prophesized end of time and proceeds by drawing parallels to current events to symbolic events in the book of revelations. They scoff at first then they witness miraculous signs. The evilest powers that be die from fright fear of Gods wrath and hell there death is very nasty the fear prevents them from sleeping and this lack of sleep will eventually kill them. The others in the new world order will believe and not only fear hell but they will embrace the Great one and change there ways. The new world order becomes more compassionate to everyone’s needs and wants and wants to please the Great One. This new world order mimics Communism but its not. Communism failed because they were atheists. Atheism fostered corruption (No fear of repercussions from God if they become corrupt) All peoples will start measuring there success by not how much wealth they acquire but how much they contribute to this new Heaven on earth. I have great faith in human kind and if motivated we could transform this world. Jesus also brings a new covenant down as well. You will be pleasantly surprised how liberal it is. Forget about the book of Leviticus. The emphasis will be placed on the family unit and love thy neighbor as you love yourself.

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